What to Expect From the iPad 3*

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We’ve been tracking mobile tech long enough to know that Apple rumors should always be taken with a grain of salt, but as the consensus seems to be that the newest iteration of the iPad is due in a few weeks’ time, we thought we’d take a look at what the tech community is expecting – and hoping for – in the new release.

The folks over at ComputerWorld have compiled a list of the more prevalent rumors surfacing from the blogger community, most of which involve poring over a handful of available images in the hopes of finding clues about the changes in the hardware within.  Among those bloggers is Matt Peckham of PCWorld, who says he’s “not going to join the hordes and speculate on the March arrival of the iPad 3” and then does just that.  Through a bit of Sherlock Holmes sleuthing and deduction, Peckham investigates the “intriguing” screen upgrades in the iPad 3 and the retina display.  (Incidentally, a “retina display” is simply an Apple marketing term that refers to the maximum number of ppi (pixels per inch) the human retina can discern when viewing the screen at a distance of ten to twelve inches.)

For their part, the pundits at MacTech seem prepared to confirm that users clamoring for a proper iPad keyboard are destined for disappointment.  We agree that probably not going to happen, given that an iPad with an integrated keyboard is what most people would call a “laptop.”  In any event, third-party accessories like the Touchfire are making good coin by stepping in to fill Apple’s gaps.  Meanwhile, iFixit’s Kyle Wiens suspects that most of the improvements in the new iPad are likely to be “incremental.” and speculates that any radical improvement in the device’s graphics resolution issues would require an upgrade in the processor, from a dual- to a quad-core.  The incrementalism of the upgrades leads Wiens to believe that what’s being released is not in fact the iPad 3 at all, but rather the iPad 2 HD.  We tend to agree, which explains the asterisk we added to the end of this blog.

ZDNet manages to avoid conjecture entirely, and jumps straight to a wish list of upgrades it would like to see in the next generation of iPads.  If you can think of any you’d like to add to that list, let us know in the comments.


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