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If you’re a basketball fan, chances are you’re going a little bit insane at the moment.  After all, as Dan Treadway of the Huffington Post reminds us, “the tournament isn’t nicknamed March ‘Sensible and Rational Outcomes Based on Statistical Analysis Gathered During the Regular Season and Conference Tournament’ for a reason.”  And whether you’re a statistics nut or a trivia junkie or a gambler, chances are there’s a mobile app just for you.  Here are some of the most popular this season:

  1. NCAA March Madness Live:  The official NCAA mobile app available across most available platforms, March Madness Live offers free radio streaming and a host of social features for “second screen” functionality.  If you’re willing to shell out $3.99, you can see your favorite teams’ games streamed live to your iPhone or desktop.
  2. March Madness Mania:  For a paltry ninety-nine cents, this app offers all the news, scores, highlights, and analyses you could ask for, including commentary by NCAA legends like Dick Vitale, Fran Fraschilla, Andy Katz, and more.
  3. ESPN Bracket Bound 2012:  ESPN’s free March Madness app targets enthusiasts of “bracketology” and allows users to compare brackets with sports gurus like Dick Vitale, Mike & Mike, Bill Simmons, and others directly on your phone.  And if you’re especially talented at creating brackets, this app even includes a chance to win $10,000.
  4. Office Pool Picker:  Following Dan Treadway’s logic that ignorance of all things basketball related puts you “ahead of the game” when it comes to picking winners in an office pool, this fun March Madness app lets you select your teams based on a series of random answers to unrelated and, let’s face it, perfectly bizarre questions.  Do you prefer birds or bees?  Are you more of a fan of Captain America or the Incredible Hulk?  Congratulations, once you’ve answered these questions you’re well on your way to picking your teams.

Of course, if you have a good idea for a good mobile app, basketball-related or otherwise, contact us and we’ll help get you started on your own winners for next year!


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  1. Duwain-Gametrender
    March 21, 2012

    Awesome how apps make even our sporting event more memorable and interactive. Living in England though March Madness doesn’t really come our way-we need , nay demand some apps for British Football Mania!


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