iPad 3 Rumors Abound

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If there’s a lesson to be learned from the all the hype surrounding the release of the iPad 3, it’s that it’s probably not a good idea to pay much attention to hype.  Take, for example, the post from iLounge that the iPad 3 will be a millimeter thicker to accommodate improved cameras and other hardware.  According to the Taiwan-based DigiTimes, however, inclusion of IGZO panels will in fact make the iPad 3 thinner.

In order to remain competitive in markets that cater to users of the Amazon Kindle and the Nook, Apple will release an ‘iPad Mini’.  But of course, “most experts have eliminated the possibility” of an iPad Mini, because such a device “cannot express fully the software the device contains.”

And incidentally, when will the iPad 3 hit the shelves?  Well, Apple is probably going to release it on February 24th, to commemorate Apple founder Steve Jobs’s birthday.  Except that no, it’ll probably be in March.  Or late summer.  Apple probably doesn’t want to wait much longer than that, of course, seeing as how the iPad 4 is scheduled to be released six months later, in October 2012.

To recap:  The iPad 3 will either be thicker or thinner, there will either be an iPad Mini or there will not, and it will be released either in February, March, or July.

It’s enough to make you want to “defenestrate yourself.”

Apple’s culture of secrecy surrounding its own products is legendary, but given the wild turns the rumor mill has taken over the last few weeks, it’s becoming clear that the secrecy is itself part and parcel of a business model that uses those rumors to supplement an already robust marketing campaign (we know, that’s not exactly a news flash …).  As we approach the actual release date, and if the hype begins to wane, perhaps we can bet on some mid-level Apple employee leaving a demo iPad 3 in a San Francisco bar.


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