What is an iPad App Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and Do I Need One?

A non-disclosure agreement (or NDA) is a legal and binding document that protects your idea or your “intellectual property.” Most NDA’s pretty much all say the same thing.  One thing you want to pay attention to is the “term” of the agreement. For example, one agreement might state that the Android developer cannot disclose the details of your project for one year, while another NDA may state five years.

Professional iPad developers are accustomed to being asked to sign NDAs and most should not have a problem executing one prior to taking on your project.  Knowing about an NDA sends a signal to the iPad developer that you are serious about moving forward with your project and that you have legitimate concerns about your idea being stolen.

We have several articles about non-disclosure agreements on our AppMusing blog from which you can get much more information on this topic.  Here are some links.

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